Police Reporting of Thefts - Reportes de Robo con la Policia | February 5, 2018

February 5, 2018

After many trials and errors, you should no longer have to to go Nicoya or Samara to report house break-ins, or any kind of thefts. Previously, for a theft to be taken into account … more

Nosara Security Association Meeting Minutes Thursday, December 3, 2015

There were 24 people in attendance.

Intro to NSA

established in 2009 to help Nosara to be a safer place for tourists & residents.  

NSA also supports the Bomberos (fire department) … more

Nosara Has a Fire Truck

Thanks to the hard work and efforts of the Bomberos de Nosara, The Nosara Fire & Safety Association and residents and friends of the Nosara community, we are happy to announce that as of January 2 … more

Please donate now. We need the full support of the community to keep our Fire and Security efforts growing and effective.

We are kindly suggesting a $200 /year donation from individuals and a $500/year donation for a commercial business, but any amount is welcome and much needed!

Act now. Do not delay. Our community is counting on you.

Donate Now!

Board of Directors

Rich Burnam President
Mariju Rovira Vice President
Alvin Rosenbaum Fiscal
Merry Cavanaugh Secretary
Agnes Pinheiro Treasurer
Ryan Bombard Vocal
Adrianna Gonzalez Vocal
Laura Pozo Vocal