Attention Nosara Residents : Urgent Need

Dear Homeowner or Renter,

The tourist season is underway and we all know that this means more house break-ins.  The Nosara Security Association(NSA) is working hard to improve safety and security for you and your guests.  The only way that we can succeed is to have the entire community working together.  We feel that it is crucial to protect ourselves and our renters and, to do so, we need to take action.

For that reason, we seek your help in funding the Nosara Security Association this year.  For the last several years, NSA has provided funding to have a police office in Guiones.  We now have an agreement with the government for them to take over the costs of the police office starting in 2015 - as long as we bring the police office up to the minimum required building specifications.  Current conditions are deplorable, supporting 12 officers on a rotating basis with 6 officers sleeping while the others patrol.

We are asking every homeowner or long-term renter to consider a contribution of $100, $250, $500 or $1,000 to enable us to continue to provide and also improve security services for the community. We are also soliciting funds from the community's businesses.

Contingent on funding, here is our 2015 plan:

  1. Upgrade the police station - this is our most critical and immediate need
  2. Publish security tip sheet for tourists and residents
  3. Provide signage on protecting valuables at beach entrances
  4. Install security cameras at beach entrances
  5. Work with tourist police to focus on high crime areas and a greater presence during the dinner hours
  6. Promote the use of security alarms and neighborhood actions such as private security guards or neighborhood watch groups
  7. Encourage better crime reporting to increase awareness within the municipality of our needs

Funding needs:

$   1,500                 Current account balance

($15,000)                Estimate to upgrade police station

($  5,000)                Liabilities for 2014 rent and utilities

($  8,000)                Cost for 2015 proposed activities (cameras, signs, tip sheets)

($26,500)                Funding Requirement for 2015

In short, we must raise about $26,500 for current costs.  As you can see, we have a critical need for additional funding and so we need the participation of everyone in the community.

Please consider what you can contribute and please make your donation today.  There are three easy ways to make a donation:

  1. Make a direct deposit to Asociacion de Seguridad Comunitaria at Bancode Costa Rica, Savings Account Number: 001-0291745-9
  2. Drop off your contribution in person to Steve at Coconut Harry’s or Agnes at Villa Mango
  3. Through PayPal with the donate button at


Steve Reyer

President, Nosara Security Association

Please donate now. We need the full support of the community to keep our Fire and Security efforts growing and effective.

We are kindly suggesting a $200 /year donation from individuals and a $500/year donation for a commercial business, but any amount is welcome and much needed!

Act now. Do not delay. Our community is counting on you.

Donate Now!