House Identification Signs

The Fire, Safety and Security Association, in collaboration with the Nosara Civic Association, is currently working on projects to organize, fund and assist fire, police and emergency response for the betterment of our community.

One of our priority projects is assisting all emergency response teams in navigating to specific locations within our community. An important part of this project is to display individual house and business lot identification signs throughout our community so that any responders can arrive at the correct location with a minimum of wasted time spent searching and back tracking.

Lot number signs are being produced that are to be mounted on your property so as to be visible from the road. These signs are made of  8” vinyl sign material adhered to a metal plate. Your lot number will be printed in a yellow reflective font with a brown background. The sign can be mounted on any type of surface and should last for many years.

The pre-paid sign cost is $25 each. Please make your payment and lot number no later than September 15th.  If you are an owner who has a property manager, please forward this message to your manager with instructions to contribute to our project.

With your purchase, you will receive your house lot sign and you are also making a small monetary contribution for further firefighters and security development. Our goal is to have all main roads and developed properties identified, and we ask you to join us with your contribution(s).

If you wish to make a contribution  in addition to your lot signs, we encourage and thank you for your donation to this worthy cause with this opportunity.

We offer the following payment methods:

 You can write a check:

  • Make the check payable to: Asociación de Seguridad Comunitaria de Nosara
  • With your check, write us a note, including your name and local contact information, along with your lot number(s)
  • Mail your check to Apdo 67-5233, Nosara, Nicoya, Guanacaste, Costa Rica or bring to Coconut Harry's Surf Shop

 You can pay in cash:

  • With your payment, write us a note and include your name and contact info, along with your lot number(s)
  • Deliver your payment to Coconut Harry's Surf Shop or Villa Mango B&B

 You can make a bank transfer:

  • With your transfer, include your name and lot number(s) in the "concepto"
  • Contact us for bank information at or check
  • Email a copy of the receipt to

Thank you all for participating in our program and for being an active part in the growth and development of our community. 

Nosara Fire, Safety and Security Association
Asociacion de Seguridad Comunitaria de Nosara

Please donate now. We need the full support of the community to keep our Fire and Security efforts growing and effective.

We are kindly suggesting a $200 /year donation from individuals and a $500/year donation for a commercial business, but any amount is welcome and much needed!

Act now. Do not delay. Our community is counting on you.

Donate Now!