Nosara Security Association Meeting Minutes Thursday, December 3, 2015

There were 24 people in attendance.

Intro to NSA

  • established in 2009 to help Nosara to be a safer place for tourists & residents.  
  • NSA also supports the Bomberos (fire department)
  • Main job is to provide resources and information AND FOCUS ON PREVENTION OF CRIMES; what to do if you get robbed; who to call; safety tips.

2015 Progress and Achievements 

  • renovation of the police station
  • handing over responsibility for all tourist police payments to the government 
  • enlarging the number of officers assigned to patrol (4)
  • adding two additional police vehicles to the local force
  • educating visitors and residents about how to protect themselves
  • adding the WhatsApp to report crime, alert people to what’s going on.
  • FB Nosara Crimewatch page to report crime
  • New fire truck 

2016 Goals and Objectives

  • We are going to work on what we can control.  We must accept that the government is not going to be able to do much.  
  • What can we do?
  • encourage guests not to bring all their devices 
  • encourage each neighborhood to get together to hire a roaming guard; and to get acquainted and communicate with each other
  • Homeowners should layer their house for security:  Alarms, guard, bars, not a lot of items to steal. PRIVATE SECURITY IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE TECHNIQUE THUS FAR
  • Thieves are getting more sophisticated and bold.  We need to make our area unattractive to them so that they will go somewhere else.  It is like getting rid of cockroaches in your house. YOU CAN'T STOP THEM BUT YOU CAN MAKE THEM GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.
    • Our goal for 2016 is to install a public camera surveillance system, IDEALLY with license plate recognition CAPACITY so that police can monitor cars in real time and thieves will know that they are being watched. (The police do have suspects and license plate numbers for them.)  
  • Estimated cost: $30,000? WAITING ON QUOTES
  • Our biggest challenge is to get victims to report crimes to the police so that the government understands the scope of our problem.
    • We are working to make it possible to report crimes in Nosara without having to go to Nicoya

Update on Bomberos

  • Upcoming Cabalgata will be to raise money for fire truck upkeep. We need to prepare for fires in dry season since there is not much rain.
  • Biggest problem is when gardeners start a fire at 4 and go home at 4:30. Have them do it early in the morning
  • Call fire department if you are going to start a fire to clear a lot with fire
  • Need raffle prizes for the Cabalgata

Update on Lifeguards

  • Ryan is asking the surf schools to take charge of lifeguards

Financial Status of NSA & Fundraising

  • $2,400 in bank account
  • $8,000 expected from G. Love concert
  • $10,400 Total
  • Expenses:
    • $30,000 for camera system

The Nosara Security Association sends a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the following businesses for their participation and support for the G. Love benefit concert:

  • G.Love
  • Pelada Dogs
  • Camille
  • Audio Masters
  • Surfing Nosara
  • Olas Verde
  • Safari Surf
  • ...and all the volunteers and sponsors who made this event possible.

Q & A

  • No matter what we do, thieves are a step ahead of us.
  • What would it cost to bring in private security? At least $16,000/month
  • Do you have a list of security companies that you recommend? We have a list Vincent - Kennel Security, Audio Masters
  • Please send an email with details on how to organize neighborhood watch
  • Don’t fight back if someone trys to steal something from you. Let them take it - it is just stuff.
  • Police can’t do much. We have to take care of ourselves. Hire a gardener at night if you can’t hire a security company. Just have “eyes on the ground”.

Election of New Board

  • President - Rich Burnam
  • Vice President - Mariju Rovira
  • Treasurer - Agnes Pinheiro
  • Secretary - Merry Cavanaugh
  • Fiscal - Alvin Rosenbaum
  • Vocal
    • Ryan Bombard
    • Adrianna Gonzales
    • Laura Pozo

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