Open Letter to Nosara Homeowners

Dear Homeowner,

The Nosara Security Association, which is comprised of several local volunteers, is reaching out to all Property Managers and to all homeowners who rent their houses. In the past year or two we have seen an uptick in home robberies and in the past few weeks the number of break-ins is nothing short of alarming. In response the community is rallying together to put a stop to this unfortunate trend. We have repeatedly made pleas to the local police and done our best to comfort those who have been robbed - but if we are to end this crime wave we need your help immediately.

Needless to say, crime always has a detrimental impact on tourism and can crush property values in any community. If we do not thwart the efforts of these criminals our “community in paradise” will be in jeopardy and so will all of the positive momentum we have worked extremely hard to build. This would be a tremendous shame as Nosara has become so popular and real estate values have begun to rise again. What can you do?

We are asking every homeowner to improve their property security by implementing the following:

  1. Have a perimeter fence
  2. Have strong bars on all windows and be sure to have sturdy doors / door bars
  3. Have an alarm in the house
  4. Have video/surveillance cameras that can record
  5. Align and organize with neighbors to watch out for suspicious people and activities
  6. Hire security services or guards when renters are in the house (this can be a shared cost with surrounding neighbors and most property managers are helping organize this)
  7. Assure that the person making the reservation for your home rental is communicating to the guest that they need to be vigilant and cautious with sharing information with strangers about their daily comings and goings.

Rest assured the community is taking other steps to resolve the problem including working with the local police, OIJ (Costa Rica’s version of the FBI), as well as working with government officials in our area. Success will come from every home and neighborhood taking immediate action in conjunction with other long term solutions. The thieves are organized, disciplined and bold, but they can certainly be beaten.

We appreciate your consideration on this urgent matter. Nosara’s best days are still ahead and the upcoming high season looks very promising. If you have any comments or questions, we would love to hear from you.

Please donate now. We need the full support of the community to keep our Fire and Security efforts growing and effective.

We are kindly suggesting a $200 /year donation from individuals and a $500/year donation for a commercial business, but any amount is welcome and much needed!

Act now. Do not delay. Our community is counting on you.

Donate Now!