Update on the Tourist Police

We are grateful to the many donors who have contributed close to $3k to help us keep the Tourist Police in Guiones.  This will enable us to sustain the Tourist Police for a few more months. We are still accepting donations, so if you have not yet contributed, it´s not too late. We still need your help.

The next step is to continue to pressure the Ministerio de Securidad to sign off on taking over the rent and utility payments. Once we have confirmation, we can start making some renovations to the police station to bring it up to code. We will continue to need donations of money, labor and materials for the renovations.

Another option would be if anyone has a home, office space or apartment in the project that they would like to donate as the police headquarters. The benefit would be onsite security and potential long term rent paid by the Government.  It would also be a big contribution to the community.

We are very fortunate to have the Tourist Police in the project. There are many beach communities in Costa Rica that do not have a police presence and they experience alot more crime and violence than we do.  Please help us keep the Tourist Police!

Please visit to donate to the Nosara Fire & Security Association.

Please donate now. We need the full support of the community to keep our Fire and Security efforts growing and effective.

We are kindly suggesting a $200 /year donation from individuals and a $500/year donation for a commercial business, but any amount is welcome and much needed!

Act now. Do not delay. Our community is counting on you.

Donate Now!