Safety Information for Nosara Visitors

Safety Information for Nosara Visitors

Following the tips below will help protect you and your valuables but is not intended to be a complete list to ensure your safety. Please observe additional precautions as necessary. 

  1. Theft is a common problem in all of Central America, all electronics are targeted items specially laptops and anything made by Apple such as I-phones, I-Pads and I-Pods. When packing, if possible, please leave all unnecessary electronics, expensive jewelry and valuables at home.

  2. There are 2 ATMs in the Nosara area, one ATM is within walking distance from most rental homes in Guiones and accepts VISA but not MasterCard. The other ATM is a little further (5 minute car ride from Guiones) and accepts VISA and MasterCard. Please be careful and discreet when handling large sums of money. Most places will not accept travelers’ checks.

  3. Never leave valuables, luggage or cash in your car even if your vehicle is locked and within sight.

  4. When parking your car, whenever possible, try to leave it in a guarded parking lot or a well lit and VISIBLE AREA.

  5. Please be careful when walking. If possible, walk with a partner or a group and carry a flashlight at night.

  6. It is recommended that you use secured storage bodegas when available. Do not take valuables to the beach; NEVER leave valuables unattended on the beach. Do not “hide” your valuables in the sand.

  7. Please utilize security features available at your rental home. Always lock all windows and doors, including security doors when you leave your rental house or when you’re sleeping.  

  8. Leave on exterior lights when you leave the house.

  9. Keep valuables out of sight and away from windows, close curtains if any.

  10. Do not leave surfboards and swim wear/rashguards outside when you leave.

  11. Do not hide keys in obvious places.

  12. Do not give anyone the location or name of the house you’re staying in. If asked say: “I’m staying in Guiones” or “Pelada” period.

  13. Rely on the recommendations of hotels and property managers for activities and things to do in the area. Be wary of street solicitors; always choose licensed business for your local activities.

  14. Do not let strangers on the property where you’re staying for any reason.

  15. Be wary of “new friends” who seem interested to visit your house, go out for a meal or otherwise strike a friendship.

  16. Use legal taxis do not accept rides from strangers.

  17. If your car gets a flat tire, be on guard and aware of your valuables at all times.

  18. Report any suspicious persons or activity to the police station or call them at 2682-0075.

  19. The tourist police station is located just south of the Harmony Hotel; it is on the right as you walk towards the main Guiones beach entrance.

  20. For emergencies call 911

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